The real estate market is continually changing, but at TK Homes we will never take shortcuts even when the market is a strong seller’s market, and homes are selling quickly. We always provide consistency and value to our clients no matter the market. It is these high standards that we pass on to our clients during the selling journey. The unique strategies we use will result in our sellers getting a higher sales price, and most importantly, these strategies will net our sellers more at the closing table. At TK Homes, we definitely do things differently to ensure that we maximize the exposure of your home when we are selling it.


We specialize in pricing your home correctly. In a strong seller’s market, some would say that this isn’t as important, but we feel it is always important. We make understanding current market conditions a top priority. By servicing our clients, supporting our colleagues and staying in close contact with lenders and other industry professionals, we have a continual pulse on the market. This gives us an edge to adjust marketing strategies that are effective today rather than last month.


03-16-23 TK Homes Marketing Strategies_title_inset.jpgWhen we go to a seller’s home for a listing consultation, we do a two-step process. We do that because we want to see the finishes, flooring and condition of the home we will be selling first-hand before we compare it to homes that have recently become active, under contract or sold. Once we have seen your home, we spend time doing an in-depth formal Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Then, we will set up a second meeting just to go over our market analysis and go over your home’s market value. This two-step process is important to make sure we get your home’s value correct! We price our homes to increase interest and net the highest amount at the closing table. If homes are priced incorrectly, they can sit on the market, and potential buyers may begin to wonder what is wrong with them, and they can become stigmatized. Then, you may end up having to get less than asking price for your home, and it will take longer to sell. In certain markets, some agents struggle when pricing homes. At TK Homes, we have you covered and understand that pricing a home correctly is of utmost importance from the first day on the market.


We also have an in-house photographer, which allows us to get as many pictures as we want of the home, and if we notice a shadow in a picture, for example, we can send him back out to get the picture we need. We do not have to subscribe to the “you get what you get and don’t get upset” philosophy that you get from large photography companies that service many agents. We also handpick our photos. Because we have an in-house photographer and don’t have to wait to schedule a photo session, we can list your home within 48 hours of getting confirmation you’re ready to list. We do professional HDR photos and virtual 3D tours for each home we sell.


The next thing that makes us stand out is our Property Specific Websites. We have a custom rider that only goes with your home. When people drive or walk by your home, they can type in the URL on their phone or scan the QR code to access your home’s personal website with all the photos, 3D Tour, the property description, the highlights of your home and much more. This is like a virtual flyer for your home that you will never have to be concerned about running out of or getting wet due to snow or rain. This website only showcases your home, not the competition, and this site is directly marketed to buyers specifically looking for a home like yours.


We also specialize in open houses and door knocking. Open houses give us instant feedback on your property and help us know if there is anything that makes sense to change about your home. For open houses, we hand out 50-100 flyers to advertise the open house to neighbors. We give them an invitation to attend your open house. Often neighbors know a friend or family member who would like to move into the neighborhood, and they can always provide feedback.  We pride ourselves in not only getting the word out but making sure to use as many signs necessary to get buyers to your homes without needing to use the directions on their phone. We also advertise our open houses on Facebook and Instagram. TK Homes’ open houses are so successful that new agents even seek us out for training on how to have successful open houses.


Besides everything mentioned above, we are full-time, full-service real estate agents. We have a For the Agent Division where we manage the transactions of top producing agents, offer marketing services for agents and even coach new and veteran agents alike. We are also aligned with multiple top producing agents who have over 30 years of experience, so if we haven’t personally seen a situation, we have great resources who likely have. Our team has only 5-star reviews on Zillow, Facebook and Google


So, if you are looking to sell your home, not only does TK Homes have some unique strategies to get your house sold, but the experience to do it. We take netting you more at the closing table seriously. Contact a TK Homes agent today!


~ Written by TK Homes REALTOR®, Mary Smith



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