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With today’s new market conditions, we’re seeing some creative email headlines for homes currently for sale. Below are a few that stood out to us, so we decided to translate the hidden message. Read between the lines with us as we interpret a few recent property email subject lines.


10-26-22_New Market New Terms_title_inset.pngMotivated Seller – Price Improvement: Seller is motivated to sell their house at last month’s value.


Price Dropped – Great Deal: Home was overpriced; asking price is now below what the house was selling for a few months ago.


Seller Offering 2/1 Buydown: Home is overpriced by at least what is being offered towards 2/1 buydown.


$20,000 Seller Concessions: House is at least $20,000 overpriced, probably more.


MAJOR PRICE REDUCTION: House was originally asking OVER what it was ever worth even a few months ago.


Now Incredible Value: Home was not worth last asking price.


$8000 Towards 2/1 Buydown: House is at least $8000 overpriced, probably more.


Best Value in Neighborhood: No recent home sales to show what homes are selling for in today’s market.


Price Improvement: Home was overpriced, probably still is.


Huge Price Drop, $50k: House was at least $50k overpriced, probably more.


Now, this is all in good fun. However, there is a common theme in today’s market; values are lower, and sellers and buyers alike must get creative in this market to get the most out of their transactions. If you are a seller, understanding the current real value of your home is more important than ever. If you’re a buyer, knowing how to structure your offer to get the best value for your money is a must with the new higher interest rates.

We invite you as homeowners to request a home valuation if you’re thinking about selling. Buyers, we invite you to connect with us to talk about how to take advantage of this softer market to get the most out of your budget. There is opportunity for both buyers and sellers; it’s just a matter of understanding the current market conditions and how to use them to your benefit.

~ Written by CEO/REALTOR® Trevor Kohlhepp

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