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I feel like every time we turn around, we find out that any item we buy now costs more. We still want to be able to enjoy life, but our money doesn’t seem to go as far as it used to. That said, Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we want to be able to do something special with our Valentine. I am including some fun activities you can do with your Valentine that can be budget-friendly, which would be perfect for someone saving up to buy a home. Check out the list below!


1) Go on a road trip together. To save on gas, you can go somewhere that is not too far away. Is there a town you have always wanted to go to and explore? Remember, Colorado is unique and has some breathtaking locations just a short drive into the Rocky Mountains! As an added romantic touch, make up a playlist on something like Spotify, and don’t forget to add your special song to the list.


2) Make it a game night. Get out some classic games to play together and make sure to have some fun Valentine snacks available when you play.


3) Go to a museum. There are lots of coupon apps out there, so you may be able to find a coupon for what you want to do.


4) Take a hike or a walk in nature. That is great for conversation, and it is good for your heart. Pack a picnic lunch to take along. Pro tip: Rent some snowshoes and give snowshoeing a try this Valentine’s Day.


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5) Cook dinner together. There are lots of fun TikTok videos with great recipes to try! You can put on some romantic tunes in the background to set the mood.


6) Have a picnic. If it is too cold outside, lay out a blanket and have a picnic at home. Don’t forget to have a special Valentine’s Day drink.


7) Pull out old photo albums or look at photos from over the years, including your wedding photos or wedding video if you have them.


8) Go to a nursery or botanical garden. You can pick out something that will last as opposed to a bouquet of flowers that will die.


9) Get coffee together. I don’t think you can go wrong with this. There are plenty of options, even if you aren’t a coffee drinker.


10) Go to an arcade together. Don’t forget to budget for pizza and drinks.


11) Turn a visit to a thrift store into a Valentine’s challenge. Allot a certain about of money, like $25, to find a Valentine’s gift for each other. What fun treasures will you find?


12) Have a candlelight dinner at home with a romantic movie. You can skip the tip at the restaurant, the expensive popcorn, and you don’t need to pay for a babysitter.


13) Go window shopping at a furniture store. You can also turn the trip into The Price is Right and try to guess how much each piece of furniture costs, and the winner (the person who guesses the most correctly) gets to pick what you get for dinner.


14) Go a step further and go on REcolorado or our TK Homes website and start looking for your dream home. Better yet, since you’ve saved so much money on your Valentine’s Day activities, reach out to a TK Homes agent to set up a search for your dream home. Imagine looking at potential homes over dinner on Valentine’s Day! We would be happy to help!


Whether you decide to go on a picnic, go for a stroll or look for a new home, we hope that you have a great time celebrating with your Valentine!




~ Written by TK Homes REALTOR®, Mary Smith




**Source: “14 Cheap Valentine’s Day Date Ideas.” Ramsey Solutions, Accessed 5 Feb. 2024.





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