So, you’re looking at finding a new home but that means a whole lot of hassle. Like making your own house ready to have an open house. Why in the world do you need to do that anyway? In this Denver Real Estate Market houses are hardly hitting the market before they are snapped up by hungry buyers, right? Maybe, but that result is certainly not guaranteed and largely depends on the house, area, timing, staging, price just to name a few things. On the other hand, the concept and practice of an open house has advantages that can not only help in the sale but can also work to your advantage in the final sales price as well. 


An open house isn’t just so the neighbors can finally satisfy their curiosity on what makes your house better then theirs. Not at all. In fact, the open house allows others, potential buyers, to satisfy their curiosity on what makes your house better than theirs.


Feedback from those brave enough to come see is instant. TK Homes can help you analyze that feedback in8-29_open-house__inset.jpg order to look for both the positive aspects to highlight in the future and the possible challenges that need to be addressed. The work you put into making your house ready for viewing party goes a long way. The reaction to the price of the house is also important. Though TK Homes does a lot of research before working with you on setting the price the potential buyers reaction is never guaranteed.


With TK Homes new listings have an open house on the first weekend it goes on the market in order to maximize the benefits. You want to get the biggest bang for your buck, right? With the proper analysis and guidance BEFORE the private showings, where you often will have higher qualified and more realistic buyers, we have the chance to make corrections and highlight the good stuff. By using this instant feedback from our target audience, homebuyers we’re able to increase chances for more offers coming in at higher amounts. The end result is you get more money for your house. 


Open houses don’t sound so bad now do they? So give TK Homes a call and lets get that house ready to be ogled over so you can find the right home for your needs. Call or text us at 740-341-7466. We look forward to working with you! 

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